AOX Ferulic

AOX Ferulic

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Mesoestetic Aox Ferulic

Effective solution to protect the skin from premature aging.

Mesoestetic Aox Ferulic is an antioxidant concentrate to protect the skin from the consequences of free radical oxidation. Oxidation is the main factor in inducing aging and the appearance of age signs on the skin. It is a process that takes place internally and is accelerated by exposure to factors such as UV radiation, IR, and Visible Light. As well as some lifestyle habits such as smoking, stress, eating habits, and deregulated sleep. As the amount of free radicals present in the skin outweighs the antioxidant defenses and oxidation of lipids and proteins occur. The result is early and accelerated skin aging. This imbalance is called oxidative stress, which affects the cellular structures and the supporting fibers of the skin. As a consequence of this process appear the spots, wrinkles, sagging, dehydration, and malnutrition of the skin.

In its powerful and effective formula are three key ingredients:

1) 0.5% Ferulic Acid

With global antioxidant action and specific protection of fibroblasts against oxidation by UVA radiation.

2) 15% Ascorbic Acid

Which neutralizes free radicals, and increases the synthesis of collagen.

3) Protech-cell Complex at 1.5%

A patented complex, formulated with vitamin E and a synthesis active. The purpose of this complex is the protection against the oxidation of skin protective lipids, and it also offers specific protection against IR and HEV radiation and antioxidant protection in the various phases of the oxidation cascade.

The result is potent skin protection against oxidative stress! There is a reduction of free radicals, a reduction of the oxidation produced by IR radiation, an increase of up to 8x in the antioxidant protection time, an increase in the production of collagen fibers, and protection of the fibroblasts.

Mesoestetic Aox Ferulic is then a biological shield against oxidation produced by UVB, UVA, IR, and Visible Light. Combats and prevents oxidative cellular damage, protects fibroblasts and collagen fibers, enhances the skin’s natural antioxidant system, improves barrier function, and prevents photo and chronic aging. The skin is protected from exogenous aging!