New Dermamelan

New Dermamelan

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Mesoestetic Dermamelan intensive depigmenting treatment cream.

Mesoestetic Dermamelan is an intensive depigmenting treatment cream to reduce and eliminate pigmented  blemishes.

Dermamelan treatment is a depigmenting cream with a powerful regulating action of melanin production.

It aims to eliminate dark spots, increase the luminosity of the skin and even the skin tone. Suitable for all skin phototypes, and recommended for skin with severe hyperpigmentation or resistance to Cosmelan treatment.

Although the formulation of both products, Cosmelan 2  and Dermamelan treatment is similar, the concentration of melanin regulatory agents is significantly higher in Dermamelan. Therefore, is recommended in more severe situations.

The high efficacy of the Dermamelan treatment is achieved through the exclusive combination of ingredients. 

At the end of the treatment (6, 9 or 12 months) the skin becomes significantly more luminous, rejuvenated and with the tone more uniform and clear.