Human Ultracell VI Woman Oral dose
Human Ultracell VI Woman Oral dose

Human Ultracell VI Woman Oral dose

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15 day dose

The organic structure of women and men is different and unequal because there are biological factors (genetic, hereditary, physiological) that manifest themselves differently between the sexes and are often invisible to the androcentric patterns of the health sciences. Researcher Petra Kolip, from the Institute for Preventive Medicine at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, considers it very important to differentiate between biological gender, as there are gender-related differences in health and disease. Genetic-biological differences: In men, the existence of a chromosome (X) in his inheritance (XY) predisposes him to a greater susceptibility to diseases, such as those that are inherited in a recessive way of the X chromosome. In women, due to the second X chromosome (XX) slows down the aging process. Cellular aging diseases, certain forms of cancer, and other diseases are less common in women.

Clinical studies confirm that men and women differ in the way they get sick.

Women go through different biological experiences, this confers structural differences to both men and women.

As a result of continuous research carried out by Biocell Ultravital’s to fill the organic deficiencies of women and men of our times, it has developed a product for each gender, mainly to optimize the cellular structure in the Cellular Renevation stage of women and men. In addition to containing the most efficient biocellular compounds, it now includes biopeptides and other new components in its formulas that are differentiated to minimize organic deterioration and the structural needs of each genus and its implications, especially with regard to function. endocrine, metabolic, immune and cognitive abilities.

Due to the therapeutic importance that peptides represent in the field of new scientific discoveries, we have incorporated them to improve and enhance the organism of 4 main activities: protection, repair, revitalization and regeneration of all cellular functions, hence the importance of including biopeptides to the formula Human Ultracell of a 4th cell generation.

Human-Ultracell VI, cell renewal therapy, also helps to avoid the rate of DNA transcription errors in RNA at the time of making proteins and DNA copying errors in the synthesis interface (S interface) prior to Mitosis, and to reinforce the apoptosis mechanisms, to eliminate mutated or potentially risky cells that generate the development of various diseases.

Human-Ultracell VI Cellular Renovation Therapymanages to significantly restore the impaired functions of cells, through the supply of extremely valuable biological components that have the ability to induce a gradual recovery of the energy production capacity of cells and of its ability to correctly produce the proteins necessary for the replacement and maintenance of the body’s tissues, as well as the stimulation of cognitive faculties, concentration, memory and mental alertness and the maximization of the potential of the immune system.

You can improve your physical appearance, even looking younger thanks to the magic of the plastic surgeon, we can improve our skin and surpass any marks or expression lines, and even change the color of our hair, all to look younger, but what can we do to rejuvenate our organs and avoid the risks of degenerative diseases? Invest in your life, not in life insurance, invest in a future free from disease and illness, not in hospitals and medicines.

Discover Human Ultracell VI to look young on the outside and inside and thus be able to extend your life with health. Because “your health is priceless”


Human-Ultracell VI therapy has been developed to improve the quality of life of men and women from the age of 30 and is particularly effective in preventing diseases, especially degenerative ones associated with aging.
It is also highly effective as an adjunct product in conventional treatments in the case of existing degenerative diseases.