Melan Tran3x intensive depigmenting concentrate
Melan Tran3x intensive depigmenting concentrate

Melan Tran3x intensive depigmenting concentrate

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Mesoestetic Melan Tran3x intensive depigmenting concentrate for all types of pigmentation imperfections

Mesoestetic Melan Tran3x concentrate is an intensive depigmenting treatment for all types of dark spots. Innovative and the latest-generation, this concentrate uses Tranexamic Acid as a key ingredient.

This acid acts in the various phases of the dark spots formation, preventing and inhibiting their formation.

But it is not the only ingredient with action in the dark spots in this super complete formula:

  • 1) Tyr control complex: this is a combination of kojic acid with an innovative peptide and an amino acid that act on the enzyme tyrosinase, inhibiting the oxidation of tyrosine (responsible for the formation of the dark spot);
  • 2) Niacinamide: avoids the transfer of melanin from the deeper layers to the more superficial layers of the skin (where it becomes darker and more visible);
  • 3) Marine collagen: provides protection against the oxidation of free radicals triggered by exposure to natural light and radiation by technological light;
  • 4) Enzymacid complex: an exfoliant that eliminates deposits of melanin on the surface of the skin. This complex combines mandelic acid, salicylic and lactic acid, which facilitates the release of cells.

In short, the result is a cocktail of ingredients, which act in synergy to eliminate existing imperfections, prevent the appearance of new darks spots and prevent the spread of deep stains. Suitable for all skin types, with different types of hyperpigmentations.

For best results combine with the Melan Tran3x Gel-Cream